Meet the Band

Tony Domenick (Keys & Vocals)

tony picTony Domenick has been tickling the organic, sustainably raised, fair-trade ivories since high school; playing and singing in funk and folk bands, with churches and choirs, and writing music for these various groups all the while. Originally from Denver, CO, now in Oakland, he is teaching private music students, with SF Opera Guild, and is the assistant music director at Lafayette Presbyterian Church. Extra-curricular activities include training his memory and learning to take care of a sequoia tree in his apartment. 

Jake Scheps (Drums & Vocals)

jake bio picJake studied music at UC Berkeley, focusing on classical piano, and now he just bangs things with sticks. Naughty boy! He has done so for a number of Bay Area bands including the Record Highs and Creature Baby. You’ll like him, he stole all his grooves from old Motown recordings, and all his fills from Mitch. In his spare time he goes in a box and records dope jams. If you want to come in the box with him and help, hit him up!

Tyler Shenk-Boright (Bass)

tyler picTyler hails from the Green Mountain State. He was raised in a forest that didn’t contain any wolves, but it definitely had bears.  He picked up a bass for the first time when he was 16 and learned “Sunshine of your Love” by Cream. It’s been stuck in his head ever since. His music is deeply rooted in every melody and rhythm he’s ever heard, and his style is one that he considers to be original, because he is himself.  Tyler has been playing music, selling coffee, and building semi-functional wood-art pieces in the Bay Area since 2011.